Food Intolerance's

Coeliac, Wheat & Gluten free

We always have gluten and wheat free bread for sandwiches and all our soups, stews, curries & dahls are always gluten and wheat free. After umpteen attempts we have mastered gluten free pastry so we usually have a tart that you can enjoy. Our mixed salads are also suitable as are our new beetroot falafels - we've also got gluten free pittas to accompany them.

Cake wise... at the time of typing we have homemade orange & almond cake, Dime bar tart, and Honeybuns lemon & ginger slice and their cranberry, almond & polenta slice.

Vegan, Dairy and Egg free

We always have a vegan stew or dahl and a vegan soup on the menu. Our bread is vegan and we make our own houmus to accompany falafels or for sandwiches and panninis. We have a vegan spinach and potato pie on the menu at the moment that is perfect with our vegan mixed salads  (gluten and wheat free too) Dairy free spread and soya milk are available.

We have a wonderful recipe for scrambled tofu that is part of our vegan breakfast selection 

Dessert wise we  have a raspberry, date and oat slice and a very popular fruit and brazil nut tiffin, we are stockists of Booja Booja dairy free ice-cream and we also have Bennets farm lemon sorbet in tubs 



Sugar free

We don't add any sugar to the vegan fruit and nut tiffin - Emma is on a mission for another sugar free cake!

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